Transfer student in need of feedback (clinical psychology)

Hey guys and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am a non-traditional community college student at 27 years of age. I dropped out at 19 due to a lack of direction or any sort of conviction regarding my path. Since that time, I have experienced quite drastic growth and improvement, spent time in the work force (mostly food and beverage but done many things), overcame a serious problem with alcohol which almost took my life, reinvented myself, and then enrolled back into school in the summer of 2020. I have a natural curiosity and joy for learning, a motivation to succeed and establish myself like never before.
My first summer semester back was a 4.0. The next semester (this last fall) I got a 3.5. This semester (spring 2021) I am projected to finish with about a 3.75. Keep in mind that this is my first time taking a full-time schedule since 2012, so it has been a challenge and a lesson becoming better acquainted with proper studying/testing habits, the groove of a full-time school schedule again etc…
My institutional gpa at my current CC is a 3.7 but cumulatively 3.3 as I have two C’s from my first school eight years ago haunting me. With that said, I’m hoping for some feedback on my transfer decision and some ideas regarding programs and my plan of action.
I plan on studying clinical psychology with hopes of one day running my own practice and conducting research on self-actualization/meaning & purpose in life. This means I am also shooting for a Ph.D. (lofty, maybe; I believe it is possible)
I’ve taken entirely core requirements since I re-enrolled last summer and will finish this semester with -45 credits.
My extracurriculars are: -Founding Vice President/Chapter Delegate of school’s Psi Beta Honors Society (National Psychology Honors for CC and JC)
-Hired by psychology professor as Behavioral Sciences Dept. Assistant/Work-study (20 hours weekly)
I am a current Texas resident and had initial plans of applying to the University of Texas Austin’s psychology program, however I’ve been discouraged by my cumulative gpa and the competitiveness of the program compared to my performance.
ANY SUGGESTIONS GUYS?? It is very much appreciated.
I am really uncertain of where to transfer but the schools I have been considering aside from UT are University of Missouri, University of Colorado, Western Washington, UAB, North Texas and Vanderbilt is my dream school but I highly doubt my chances of admission. I started this journey with high hopes but have found myself a tad discouraged by the decisions, my gpa and the application process as I want to make the best possible decision for my future.
Any help is awesome. Thanks in advance.

put your heart and soul into your essays. telling your story is key. colleges will see the upward trend of your grades and will know youre a non-traditional student. dont be afraid to have people critique your essays and make sure that they sound genuine. also if your going for yours PHD go to the cheapest college. you want to try to get the least amout of debt in undergrad so you can so your PHD can be more affordable! good luck! dont doubt yourself!