Transfer student needs help!!

<p>well.. I am student at a community college in FL. I am getting a degree in Computer Engineering so far. My GPA is 3.43. I have 73 credits and currently taking prerequisites to transfer. The reason I have so many credits is that I used to be an international student and I always had to be a full-time student but now I am a resident. I am trying to get into any university outside FL since I dont really like the universities here and they have a lot of prerequisites . I am not really involved with the college (I work 60 hours a week to support myself) so I dont know if that is really a reason to get rejected from good universities.So I have a few questions I hope somebody can help me with.</p>

<p>1) Georgia Tech is my first choice. How hard is to get in there?what are my chances? I am currently taken Differential Equations. My math grades are fair but not the best I had a D in Calc II but then passed with a B. If I am not wrong I have to take Physics 1 to fulfill the required classes ( I have Calc 1,Calc 2 and Diff Equations).
2) I graduate already but still taking classes, do those classes can still affect my gpa?
3) What other universities would you recommend for me?</p>

<p>Have you asked this question at the Transfer Forum? Click on "Discussion Home" in the upper-left of this screen and then scroll down to find it.</p>

<p>Some of the best people to advise you on your transfer options, are the transfer counselors at your current CC. They can tell you where students with profiles like yours have been admitted in recent years, and can help you work out a good transfer plan for yourself.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>