Transfer Student: On or Off-Campus Housing?

<p>I will be a junior transfer student this fall at FSU and was wondering if it'd be better to live on or off campus. I'm not even sure if oncampus would be available anymore but if it is, which is the better decision? opinions?</p>

<p>On campus housing is available to transfers. It really depends on the student. I am a parent and I think one year on campus will get you more involved with things and help you to feel more a part of the student community. But many students will say just go for an apartment.</p>

<p>It's very likely you'd end up rooming with a freshman. I could see a lot of potential disadvantages to that.</p>

<p>Actually more likely a sophomore but yes you could end up with a freshman. But you would have more priority for a single than an entering freshman, and you would have priority for an upperclassman dorm over a freshman, but not as much priority as a returning upperclassman. The new wing of Wildwood which will be apartments for upperclassman will be done by then. And there is Ragans and McCullom. Ragans fill fast, but with the new Wildwood Apt's there will still be lots of apartment dorm rooms available next year compared to now.</p>