Transfer student- What do YOU think?

<p>Heyyy guys! I am new to these boards and this is my first post. I would like to know what y'all think about where I should go next year. I graduated from a catholic high school in 2003 with an average GPA around 2.8. I ended up getting an 1160 on the SATS with a 620 in English and 540 in Math. After high school I spent my first year at Framingham State College. It was a disaster! lol. Between my rooming situation and the shock of being away from home- "oh, class really isn't THAT important!"- I ended up doing awful! My first semester I ended with a 1.8! I brought it up a little bit the second semester and decided to transfer to UMass Lowell this fall. Thankfully for me my GPA did not transfer and only the credits. I took two classes this summer and worked very hard. I ended up getting an A and a B and now I have a 3.5 GPA. This semester I have also been working very hard and have all A's- so far. I am pretty sure though, through a lot of hard work, I will be able to finish with all A's both semesters. If I am able to do it, I will end the year with a 3.95. Even, if I don't get all A's and get a couple B's then I still will have a pretty high GPA. I am looking to find another school next year...yes, yes transferring again! I like UMass but am looking for something more of a "college experience". I feel that both the schools I have gone to have been commuter schools. I am looking for more maybe something like Providence College or St. Anselm. I would also like to try for maybe BU, but I am not sure if that is an extreme reach. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!!</p>

<p>I'm looking for a bunch or varying things in schools. I'd love to attend a school in the city, but I always think that schools in the suburbs are cool too since sometimes they have prettier campuses and stuff. I'd love to attend a school with lots of things to do and I'd love to join a sorority. I want a school with an active college life, not a commuter school and not a school with nothing to do.</p>

<p>Anyone? lol</p>

<p>come on can't anyone help me out..i need some suggestions on where to go ...i've had 2 bad college experiences so far, lemme kno where you think I should apply</p>