Transfer student with 2.95 GPA


So here’s my dilemma. I just earned an associates degree in Humanities & Fine Arts. My GPA is a 2.95.

I struggled with severely bad depression my first two years and ended up getting bad grades two semesters in a row and a few W’s. The past three years (my mistakes extended my community college experience) I have gotten nothing but A’s and B’s in all my coursework and even overloaded units while still getting A’s and B’s.

I went from a 1.9 GPA to a 2.95. Which most people would be proud of, except me. I want to throw my associates degree in the shredder every time I have to look at the ugly 2.95.

Anyway, University Applications are coming up and I was doing some research. I want to go into a business major because I want to do business law. I currently work at a law office and own my own business as well in California.

But I’m worried my gpa won’t be high enough to get into anywhere but schools in the ghetto or areas I truly have no desire being in. I’ve lived in the ghetto my whole life so Uni has always been my dream to escape that. Application fees are too expensive to apply to my dream schools knowing I won’t stand a chance.

So what are the odds of me getting into a decent Cal State with a 2.95? Should I just give up and not go to University?

Sorry for the long post, I’m in mini meltdown mode lol

What is your local Cal state since you get priority and may get a GPA bump?

Below are average admitted transfer GPA’s by campus. Also some campuses publish their GPA thresholds by major like SJSU or SDSU.

Do a little research and I am sure you will find several Cal states that would be worth applying.

SDSU is my local school and the one that I’m not applying for because I dread it. I worked on campus one semester and I immediately knew the school wasn’t for me. The goal is to leave San Diego ASAP.

Thank you for the resources though. I’ll check them out.

As a local applicant, you probably have a good shot at most majors at SDSU - of course, you want to leave so, here’s where I’d look - most majors at Channel Islands, SJSU, CSUEB, SF, Sonoma and for a very doffeent student experience - Humboldt.

You have made great progress, keep up the hard work and good luck.