transfer student woes

<p>hi all, i'm currently a student a beloit college. i do really love it here and i've already had some amazing professors, but i don't think i'm getting all that i want intellectually. conversations outside of class are often vacuous and i just want a more engaging environment. i feel like i'm intellectually stagnating as soon as i step out of class, which shouldn't happen in college. i'm a freshman thinking of applying for transferring when the time comes (in spring) but i just want some tips on what to take, what to do, etc. my ACT score was 31 or 32 (i'm unsure!). should i attempt to take it again? </p>

<p>my courseload right now:
aesthetics of reproduction (freshman seminar course)
intro to drawing and design
social and cultural theory (200 level course)
intermediate french </p>

<p>i'm earning very fine marks in all of them right now, i'm pretty sure my GPA will be around 3.5. I'm also on a large scholarship here at beloit, but that only requires i keep a 2.5 GPA. </p>

<p>i am not very active in the beloit community or activities, but that's because i find it kind of dull and often times unengaging. i would much rather spend my free time reading or working on my art. i currently have a job here, but i don't do much else. should i make a stronger effort to do things on campus to prepare myself for attempting to transfer to wesleyan?</p>

<p>Oh no! I'm currently a senior in hs and Beloit is one of my top choices for anthropology! Would you recommend it to prospective students?</p>

<p>hey, shoot me a message with your specific concerns. i really love beloit and i would definitely recommend it, especially for anthropology! we have an amazing set of soc and anthro professors, rob lafleur is an absolute genius. it is a fantastic school and my roommate and i have discussed hosting prospies so we can show them all it has to offer. my experiences have been generally pretty positive however i've got this running convoluted internal narrative about this school and my place here and it's all just so complicated. all in all, it's a very good school and i'm not sure if my discontent has as much to do with beloit as wesleyan, if that makes sense.</p>

<p>and if it helps, i consider my only options to transfer to wesleyan or stay at beloit. i'm not just trying to leave here, you know?</p>

<p>sorry, your phrase "as much discontent with Beloit as Wesleyan" of something like that
didn't make sense to me haha.</p>

<p>If you are a first-year student now at Beloit and are thinking of transferring into Wesleyan's Class of 2015, I would not expect they will admit many, if any, because they admitted about 75 more students this year than they expected. The consequence is that many first year students are in triples that were formerly doubles. I would also think they would want to hear very good reasons as to why you would want to transfer. Regular admission to Wesleyan is far more selective than admission to Beloit, so I think they would want to see grades closer to 4.0 than 3.5. Finally you speak about having a large scholarship at Beloit. Is this a merit scholarship or financial aid grant? Wesleyan does not offer merit aid as Beloit does, as you may know, but Wesleyan does offer various types of aid to meet the student's total need.</p>

<p>I am hoping that you make some new friends there who are more compatible with your intellectual level. I wonder if you have tried to make friends among upper-classmen. You may find that students who seemed "vacuous" as freshmen, come back for their second year with a lot more depth and maturity. It is one of the great things about growing up in a fine liberal arts college, as Beloit is--intellectual development accelerates very rapidly as a result of all those classes and teachers that stretch your mind in a way few other places can do. Good luck to you, whichever way it turns out for you!</p>

<p>Morgan, are you a student at Beloit? Can we chat? :)</p>

<p>Hi, no I am not a Beloit student; I am a Wesleyan alum and dad of a first-year student at Wesleyan. Beloit was on his list, though. One of the coincidences relating to both schools was a video created by a Beloit student named Will that used the Wesleyan band MGMT's song "Kids" as its background music, as shown on a website that sounds like YOU-KNEE-GO.</p>