Transfer Student

Hello all,
I applied as a transfer student on July 23 for the fall 2019 semester and have yet to hear anything back about my application. When I check my application status through the mybama portal it says that my application is “complete and ready for review”. I was just wondering if any one had an idea as to how long it will take. Also, I have around 3.0 GPA at my current school, as an engineering major, and was wondering what you think my chances of being admitted are. I am also an adult student who did nothing their first time around in college, so I am making up for it now. Better late than never, right. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll very likely be admitted. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about the wait. Very likely Bama is focused on the incoming 2018 freshman and transfer students who still need various things processed. I recently met a football walk-on who’ll be an incoming frosh this fall. His app was very recently processed. The school is finishing all those types of loose-ends, and then can redirect focus onto those who’ll be matriculating in 2019.

Are you instate?

That makes sense. I am out of state at the moment; however, I will be moving to Alabama next year. I have family around the Helena area. Out of state tuition may be something that cannot be avoided, unfortunately.

Seriously, thank you for the response and jolt to my spirts!

How old are you?

If you’re going to move to Alabama anyway, it may be best for you to wait so that you can get instate rates.

How are you going to pay for OOS rates? You can’t borrow much.