Transfer Students and Media Arts & Culture

I am looking to transfer to Occidental as a sophomore who wants to pursue film as a career and the MAC major seems to be exactly what I am looking for, but it says on their website that transfers cannot major in this due to the high demand for its classes. I am pretty bummed about this as Oxy is the only small LAC in LA with such a program like this that checks all of my boxes, but I’m still grateful for the fact that it is possible to minor in it as a transfer.

Does anyone have experience transferring to Occidental and minoring in MAC? Did you feel as though you got a lot out of it by only taking five courses? Can transfers take more than the five courses to learn more about production before heading into the workforce? If I couple it with a major like English, will it be enough to go into film as a career?

I was pretty confident about transferring there should I get in, but this is the only thing that has me a bit worried. Any advice or experience from transfers or non transfers is appreciated. Thanks.