Transfer students and Scholarships

<p>Hi everyone...I have a question.... Can transfer students apply for scholarships? For example, I know that at Assumption College if you have between a 2.7 and, i am pretty sure, a 3.5 you get half of your tuition payed. I'm not sure if it full tuition over that, or wateva. However, I was wondering do scholarships like that usually apply to transfer students or rather just to incoming freshmen?</p>


<p>that q sounds kinda dumb now that I have written it. I would think that obviously they could apply for scholarships, but I am still unsure and that is why I asked.</p>

<p>Based on my limited info, not good, I'm afraid. Of course you should check at the individual schools. UMD says no to the scholarship that was initially offered. However, they have a few that transfer students may be considered for. I think the general answer is that the juicy scholarships are used to entice entering freshmen. There are departmental scholarships and such that upper-level students may apply for. Now I'm talking about merit aid. Federal need-based aid would be different, but most of that is loans.</p>

<p>The best thing to do is check with the financial aid office at the school(s) to which you will be applying for transfer. Generally, transfer students are at the end of the queue for discretionary grants, but it never hurts to ask.</p>

<p>thanx thanx roger...hopefully they can help me out! lol</p>