Transfer Students find out in JUNE?!

<p>I just called Brandeis Admissions and they told me I and all other transfer students will find out in June. Thats great, except for the fact that I have to tell other colleges If i will enroll at their school by May 1…so basically I;m not going to Brandeis !!! :(</p>

<p>BUMP...anyone have any insight?</p>

<p>I've heard so many stories of people that have had similar situations. It def. does stink =&lt;/p>

<p>But isn't just your deposit money due May 1st, not your enrollment form? I think you can choose not to enroll after that, but you lose your deposit (since at most schools it's non-refundable).
i might be wrong but i think thats how it works? idk, i'd say talk to your guidance counselor or maybe call admissions again and ask them how it works</p>

<p>I will only lose a deposit? I checked my college acceptances so far and they have 2 checkboxes on the card i have to send back:
1. No I will not send a deposit and will not enroll
2. Yes I will send a deposit AND ENROLL!</p>

<p>Can i send the deposit and other schools Im enrolling there, and then change my mind June 1? Sounds fishy and dishonest.</p>

<p>Im so unsure of myself now</p>

<p>like i said, i have no idea, but thats what i was under the impression happened for transfers/waitlisters. you have to give your deposit money to another school, and then sit & wait for the other schools to send you their info.
it does sound a little dishonest to say you will enroll there, but also - it's not as if you're picking your classes or anything. if anything, it'll be just one less person they have to place for housing.</p>

<p>but again - check with a guidance counselor or admissions, because i could be totally off base.</p>

<p>Why are they treating transfers so different making us wait that long :( im only a year older than all of these incoming freshman, who happened to choose the wrong college.</p>