Transfer Students' Housing

<p>Dear all:</p>

<pre><code>Sorry to bother you folks, but I am trying to transfer to CMU, and could someone tell me whether transfer students would have housing guarantee?

I am currently a freshman at UC San Diego -- which may have been the worst mistake I've ever made: my apartment mates and other students just LOVE having parties, and I cannot find any peace there. Although the people in San Diego are nice and friendly, I just don't feel I belong there...

I was once admitted into CMU, but due to the fee difference and my parents' forceful order to choose UCSD, I just let the chance of getting into my dream school slip away... So now I am trying to apply again.

Uh-oh, seems like I've started babbling... Sorry!



<p>I'm not sure but you should check out <a href=""&gt;;/a> and give someone a ring.</p>

<p>Even if you aren't guaranteed housing, nearby housing is comparable in price and quality (perhaps a better deal...) to the housing that CMU offers. Some of CMU's housing is rented from buildings that have non-CMU residents, so it's possible to live in quasi-CMU housing not through CMU, although you wouldn't have an RA, would live on a non-CMU floor, and probably would have to furnish the place yourself.</p>

<p>Thank you both very much!</p>