Transfer Students in Dorms?

<p>I'm a newly admitted transfer student and I have to fill out my housing stuff in a week. The emphasis seems to be placed on transfers/upper-div students getting apartments, but I kind of want to live in a residence hall. </p>

<p>Is it even possible to do so? Do I have to petition for residence hall placement?</p>


<p>there were transfer students in my res hall (units).</p>

<p>How many people of each grade level were on your floor? I'm a transfer hoping to get a spot in the units and am wondering what kind of diversity, in terms of age, there will be on a floor.</p>

<p>2 or 3 sophomores, ~4 transfers, 20ish freshman</p>

<p>grade level didn't really matter though, personality was all that mattered in how we ended up getting along with and who we spent time with. definitely don't be self conscious if you are a transfer (or a spring admit who is moving in a semester late), it doesn't change who you become friends with.</p>