Transfer Students!(or anyone in their first year)

<p>i'll be starting at michigan in the fall as a transfer. i'm living in northwood 3(not by choice..haha it was the only housing available). are there any other transfer students starting this fall?
i just got my roommate assignment and she seems nice but she's not a'd be nice to meet some people who are in the same situation as me.
i doubt anyone will reply to this but...if you don't know anyone and are starting your first year at michigan, reply back and maybe we can private message and talk on facebook or something. it'd just be nice to know some people before i move down there in a couple weeks :)</p>

<p>Hey! I'm a transfer and I'm living in Northwood III too (like you it's not by choice). I totally understand wanting to know people before you move in. I don't know if you're from in state (I'm coming from California) or not but I'm sure you'll meet tons of people before school starts :)</p>

<p>great!i haven't talked to any other transfers living in northwood..not even at my orientation. Haha wasn't very reassuring. :P
I am from in from grand rapids, mi which is about 2 hours from ann arbor.
I sure hope I meet some people...i really want to get to know some people before the first football game so I have someone to go with :)</p>

<p>what college did you guys transfer from?</p>

<p>i transferred from grand rapids community college.</p>

<p>dimsum, I'm a transfer student from GVSU, the winter was my first semester. I absolutely love this campus, though there are going to be some differences between GRCC and UM that you'll have to get used to.</p>

<p>I'm living off campus, but there's an eclectic mix of people in Northwood, which can be nice. Are you an engineering students, or are you going to be going to central campus all the time?</p>

<p>I'm gonna be at Central Campus for the most part (I'm double majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Sociology). </p>

<p>Is it easy to meet new people at Northwood (and on campus in general)?</p>

<p>so are you guys freshmen? was transferring hard? i'm just curious because i'm planning on transferring too</p>

<p>chasely- thanks! i'm really looking forward to all the differences from grcc! haha i really didn't like it there and i love u of m's campus :D
i'm not an engineering student..all my classes are on central campus.</p>

<p>123abc- i'm not a freshman. i went 2 years at community college so i'll be starting my third year..i only have sophomore status though b/c some of my credits didn't transfer.
transferring wasn't really "hard" i guess..haha idk. is there a specific question you have? all i did was get good grades and apply and..that's it. haha</p>