Transfer to a Nutrition Science major?

Does anyone know what GPA will usually get you into nutrition science at Davis as a transfer? I have a 2.9 currently, will have bio series done by next semester, chem series done this semester, and calc series (I think at Davis it is 21A/B) done by next semester. Just wondering if any with around a 2.9 GPA has had experience with this major/ College of L/S in general.

I believe for most majors it’s 2.5 unless you’re transferring to engineering, which is 3.0.

If you look on the UC Davis Transfer Thread from last year, 3.2 and below for a variety of different majors were either waitlisted or rejected. In the UCD transfer admissions information, it is recommended to have a minimum 2.8 or above for most majors, Engineering is 3.1 GPA as the minimum. Minimum UC required transfer GPA needs to be 2.5 but that will not get you in.
The 50th percentile range for Transfer GPA’s 3.32-3.77 last year according to UCD website.