Transfer to a top school

I’m currently a rising sophomore at Stony Brook University majoring in computer science. I applied to many schools as a high school senior but was rejected/waitlisted despite having a 1500 SAT score, 4.0 GPA, unique essay, and dedicated extracurriculars.

After graduating high school, I had a software engineering internship at a educational technology company, where my supervisors were Yale and Columbia grads. After my freshman year of college, I started an another software engineering internship at a technology company that focuses on maintaining digital security and privacy. At Stony Brook, I am also on the executive board of the computer science club.

However my GPA is not good since its on the lower end of 3.0. I was wondering what my chances are to transfer to good school (Johns Hopkins, Yale, Boston University, Cornell, NYU) given my internships related to my major, possible rec letter from my supervisors, club involvement, and high school records. Also, what more could I do to make myself a better transfer candidate.

Thank you in advance.