Transfer to Berkeley EECS, chance? low cumulative, decent major gpa

<p>I'm trying to transfer from UCSD computer engineering to UC Berkeley EECS</p>

<p>I have:
3.5 Cumulative (writing killed me)
3.8 Major GPA (CS, EE, math, physics classes)
and a cs internship this summer (will this count as an EC?)</p>

<p>will admissions care about the low grades that I got in writing a lot, or do i still have a chance at getting accepted?</p>

<p>im interested in knowing the answer too. please help.</p>

<p>btw is your 3.5 up to winter quarter of 1st year? cause you know berkeley counts also the fall quarter of 2nd year and you still get a chance to bring your gpa up a lil bit right</p>

<p>i think they look at your overall. major gpa is not very important if you're trying to transfer.</p>

<p>yes, 3.5 is my cumulative for my first year. fall 2010 starts in a month</p>

<p>when i met with UC Berkeley counselor when she visited my college, she said the the average GPA of EECS admitted for Fall 2009 is 3.70
Be optimistic !!</p>

<p>i think if you guys finished all the prerequisite for EECS in one year, the maximum GPA is just around 3.8, since we did many tough classes : physics E&M, data structure, circuit, math series...
So hopefully, they will know it</p>

<p>Well, if you don't do amazing in your CC classes, chances are you won't in your UC Berkeley classes. Sorry, just speaking the truth. If you tried hard for a B in CC you'd probably have to try hard for a C or D in Cal.</p>

<p>haha try physics series, circuit class, data structure and assembly and you will see the differences !!!</p>

<p>calc series is just the start-up</p>

<p>well, i was doing fine in my engineering classes (a/a- in all of them, cept for 2 B's from the same prof). the only thing bringing down my gpa is writing.</p>

<p>me too, iam afraid of english .
Did u get all of the prerequisite done?</p>

<p>Actually guys I'm a CS major as well. If you guys are struggling in Physics, I wouldn't recommend going into CS because it gets way more technical than Physics.</p>

<p>oh really, i dont think so,
haha i took all the CS classes offered at my CCC and straight A's</p>

<p>no actually, offered at both college , De Anza and Foothill</p>

<p>i have a few more classes. going to finish all the pre reqs by winter</p>

<p>so i think you have a good chance. Try you best in Fall</p>

<p>If you are trying to transfer from UCSD to UCB you have a bigger problem than your GPA. While UC to UC transfers are allowed, CCC transfers are given priority over transfer applicants from other UCs and CSUs and UCB no doubt receives a large number of highly qualified applicants from CCCs who would all have priority over you. UC to UC transfers only have priority over CSU to UC transfer applicants.</p>

<p>statistically (from stats finder someone posted a while ago), UC to UC's chance is only a little below CCC to UC (like 19% to 29%?). So would a 3.8 from UCSD ECE still be below a 3.9ish from a CCC? plus i'll be finishing all the lower prereqs at UCSD by Winter of 2nd year (which many CCC don't have to offer) so would i be more "prepared" than CCC students (according to ucb transfer admission)?</p>

<p>I do not think the decision comes down to who is the strongest or best prepared applicant, the major determinant is how the public higher education system is set up and the relative roles of its three components, UCs, CSUs and CCCs. The CCCs were intended to be feeders for the UCs and CSUs. One can argue over whether this really happens or not since there are about 2.5 million students in CCCs but last year there were only 15,000 CCC to UC transfers and 65,000 CCC to CSU transfers. Nevertheless students at CCCs can not earn a four year degree without transferring to a UC or a CSU and they have been assured that if they begin their college educations at a CCC they will be given priority in transferring to a UC or CSU so that they will be able to finish their degree programs. Students already enrolled at UCs and CSUs do not need to transfer to another school to earn a four year degree so they are given a lower priority in the transfer process to a UC. CSU to UC transfers are virtually impossible since CSU students are deemed to have chosen a fundamentally different path to a four year degree than UC students from the outset. Many CCC students on the other hand are considered to have chosen a CCC to UC route for their four year degree and if they do well at the CCC they have to be accommodated.</p>

<p>@ntpntp What i'm saying is I took Physics as well, and got all A's. What im trying to tell you is, if you are really struggling with classes at CCC, then you will be living hell at Cal. No joke, ask some of your EECS friends at Cal if you know any.</p>