Transfer to Binghamton

<p>I'm an NYU freshman thinking of transferring to Binghamton for Fall '09. I got into Bing as a HS senior and turned it down, and I know I'll have to check off that I applied previously on my app - I'm afraid that'll hinder my chances.</p>

<p>HS Stats (I know they focus on 11th/12th grade mostly, so I broke it down)
9th Grade: 3.6 UW
10th Grade: 3.03 UW (D in art class)
11th Grade: 3.65 UW
12th Grade: 3.85 UW</p>

<p>Final UW: 3.51, but would be 3.61 without D in Art<br>
I'm a Govt major btw - Harpur applicant. </p>

<p>SAT: 2130 640M 720V 770 W
SAT II: 770 Lit 660 World Hist</p>

<p>I took 8 AP classes, some honors classes, 1 yr advanced in math/science (started HS math/science in 8th grade, but math grades are overall low)</p>

<p>AP Scores:
3 – MacroEcon, Italian
4 – Statistics, Psychology
5 – World History, U.S History, English Lit, English Language</p>

<p>NYU GPA: can't really say, since it's 1st semester, but should be high - I just aced all my midterms and I'm expecting a 3.75-3.9ish. </p>

<p>Do you think that when they I see I applied previously and turned it down, that'll lower my chances? They might think I don't like Binghamton. I know Bing gets a little more competitive each year. I'm a NY state resident btw.</p>

<p>why u dont want to remain at NYU? Here is the deal: if BU doesn't take you, come to me, and I can treat you dinner for</p>

<p>no, seriously...I want to know my chances. I think I have a shot, but I know Bing gets more competitive every year, it's a good SUNY school, plus they'll see I rejected them earlier this yr, which might make them reject me, since colleges want a high yield rate...</p>

<p>anyone want to seriously chance me? please :)</p>

<p>I am serious.... it is ridiculous for them to reject you, since you are a over-qualified NYS applicant. A 3.5GPA from another SUNY school can safely get one into SUNY-Binghamton. I don't see any reasons for them to deny you, since you are paying the application fee again. I am serious. As far as I know, you don't even need recommendations or essays to transfer into a SUNY school.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks. I posted this on the Bing board but didn't get any real feedback. I think Binghamton is more of a match, but I'm also applying to Cornell as a reach...what do you think my chances are for Cornell CAS? I'd say slim to none, so what can I do to improve my chances? I am involved in 3 EC's, but no leadership postions, they're generally not given to freshmen here.</p>

<p>Think HARD before deciding to apply. I have little doubt you'll make it. We take a third of our class from transfers here at BU. I suggest you get in touch with me about the school - I don't like it very much here, and getting that perspective would be good for you.</p>

<p>I say go for Cornell - you have a bigger chance than you might think... no leadership positions won't hurt. The admissions committee is generally very understanding at that respect.</p>

<p>Cornell is a beautiful school and beats Binghamton by a long, long shot in every imaginable way.</p>

<p>Best of luck! Let me know if you need help.</p>

<p>Viola - thanks so much. I'm sorry you're not enjoying Binghamton - what is it that turns you off about the school? It is similar to Cornell in that it's a large, diverse college with a state school type atmosphere - well, Bing is a state school, and Cornell sort of has that atmosphere, only it's programs are top notch. </p>

<p>of the two, I'd rather go to Cornell - but my chances of Binghamton are better.</p>

<p>I hope the admissions committee realizes how hard it is for freshman to get leadership positions.
In HS I was secretary of the national italian honor society, assistant editor of the paper, if those count as leadership positions...I also did about 100 hrs of Comm service, was a teacher assistant at a summer center/camp, and was a "peer responder" which is basically a voluntary tutor from AP english classes who tutors a couple of awards, nothing really special. </p>

<p>Cornell beats Bing by a long shot, but Cornell's also a long shot for me to get into. CAS acceptance rate hovers at about 10%.</p>

<p>I transferred into Binghamton last Spring[although I am not there now]. They accept like one third of the applicants and your stats are above and beyond what is needed. I'd be shocked if you did not make it[barring a full failure at the end of the semester which is improbable].</p>

<p>Star- what turns me off about Binghamton is the lack of opportunity and a complete lack of diversity. Some of the people here are great, and many are very intelligent. However, almost every student is either from Long Island or Upstate - with a few city kids (like myself) mixed in. There is no diversity. I went up to Cornell to hang out with a friend, and ended up spending time with people from all over the country and one from the Carribean. He started teaching me how to dance salsa. There is no way in hell anybody at Binghamton will teach you how to dance salsa without you signing up for a class of some sort.</p>

<p>As far as academics go, yes, Binghamton is a good school. The faculty is nice and understanding. It's the overall student body that I am not very satisfied with.</p>

<p>yep, those were some reasons I turned Binghamton down the first time - nearly everyone's from NY - which is to be expected since it's a SUNY school of course, and also, I didn't like the town when I visited...I remember driving up there is was surrounded by a big nature preserve (I like) but instead of a town/city surrounding campus, there seemed to be an endless stretch of highway along which Arby's, Red lobster, mcdonalds, burger king, IHOP, Wendy's, and every fast food place I've ever heard advertised on tv was.</p>

<p>neurofox - why did you leave? similar reasons?</p>

<p>Neurofox is at Penn now, and I hope to follow in his footsteps =)</p>

<p>The campus is actually nice and green. The preserve is ok. The town is absolute crap - there is nowhere to go out but bars and Walmart-type stores. The thing is, even the green campus starts getting to you very quickly once you realize all the buildings are gray and square (vs. Cornell's breathtaking architecture or even NYU's Village-adjacent location [God, I miss the city])</p>

<p>Ok, I'm not applying to Binghamton. I'm not. I turned them down once and it's not worth the application fee, however much it may be. It's not worth my time. It's a great state school with a decent nursing program, but I did some quick research online, and their govt/pol sci/IR programs suck. Geneseo is better for that and I don't want to go there.</p>

<p>So it's Cornell or NYU. I'm considering JHU but don't really want to go there that much. Good luck with Penn.</p>

<p>Stargazerlilies.... good decision... I told you right at the beginning.</p>

<p>ok, but the problem is that I'm unhappy with certain things at NYU, which is why I'm trying to transfer in the first place, and chances are, I won't get accepted to Cornell (CAS has a 10% acceptance rate for transfers), so I'm stuck.</p>

<p>stargazerilies- are you positive about the 10% transfer rate? I know two people from my cc in the city that transferred to cornell this past fall. I can tell you one of them did not have very good high school or standardized testing. She did do pretty well at bmcc though.. Anyways back to the point. Have you considered CALS or do they not offer your major? Also, how about giving northwestern a try? Do you want to stay on the east coast? How about Georgetown?</p>

<p>Apply to Binghamton[and don't be turned off by the comments here]. I seriously liked the school. You get a great education from there. It was just way too far from home from me. I could have seen myself staying there otherwise and enjoying it. I have nothing bad to stay about the environment.</p>

<p>It's not the comments here that turned me against it (although they weren't positive, lol) it's just I did some research and Binghamton doesn't have a strong program in what I want to major in, so I'm not interested in it anymore. Geneseo has the better program. </p>

<p>rcl - yep Cornell CAS has a 10% transfer rate, however, Cornell has guaranteed transfer agreements with several CC's, meaning that if students at those CC's get a certain GPA in certain majors, they will automatically be admitted to Cornell. Also, did your friends attend CAS? CALS, HumEc, and ILR are relatively easy to get into compared to CAS.</p>

<p>CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - I'm studying social sciences (Govt/Econ) not agriculture.</p>

<p>Also, I'd prefer to stay on the East coast, so i'm not interested in Northwestern. Georgetown is a great school but it's just as competitive as Cornell, and of the two, I prefer Cornell.</p>

CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - I'm studying social sciences (Govt/Econ) not agriculture.


Yeah, because everyone in CALS studies argiculture.</p>

<p>ok, obviously I realize not everyone in CALS studies argriculture, but the point you seem to have missed is I'm studying Econ/Govt and since I'm not interested in AEM, I want to attend CAS.</p>