Transfer to CofC from UNC

<p>I am a freshman at the University of North Carolina. I am looking to transfer after this year because I am not happy here and it's just not the right place for me. I have been doing some research and I want to transfer to the College of Charleston. As far as college, I am doing alright with my grades, struggling in some classes. I have about a 3.0 GPA, maybe a little lower. In high school I had a 4.65 GPA, top 5% of my class, 1280 SAT, All Conference in Basketball and cross country. multiple community activities.I know I would have been acepted to CofC if I would of applied there for my freshman year. What are my chances of being accepted as a transfer to the College of Charleston even though I am stuggling at UNC? Are there any other colleges I should consider (pref. smaller than UNC).</p>