Transfer to Cornell from UCLA

Hi I’m currently a first year CS student at UCLA and I’m looking to transfer to CALS for Info Sciences and was wondering what my chances were.

UCLA has quarters and we’re about halfway through the second quarter but my GPA that will be sent to Cornell is my 3.5 from the first quarter in the CS track.

My HS stats were maybe like a 4.3 GPA. 2340 SAT (800 M, 760 R, 780 W), 800s on Math II and Physics Subject Tests, and like 8 APs (4s and 5s)

My LoR probably won’t be too strong because I’ve only taken huge lower-div classes, but it will be from someone who went to Cornell if that helps. Also, on my midterm report, amongst 3 As, an F will probably be there too. I plan to add a supplement explaining this (I couldn’t understand my professor through his accent and UCLA won’t let me drop the class for whatever reason, gonna retake next quarter).

I’ll have taken these classes by the end of the year: Intro to CS I (normal CS intro class) Intro to CS II (Data structures/Object Oriented Programming) Intro to Computer Organization Multivariable Calculus Physics (Mechanics & E&M)

What do you think my chances are? Also, do you think that they will take into account that UCLA is a top 25 university and is comparatively rigorous to Cornell?


Think carefully before you transfer to Cornell, if you are paying cash, because Cornell and UCLA offer very similar academics. I think the media related CS at UCLA is very strong. UCLA is more connected to CS jobs, and has one of the very top CS programs in the world, including information sciences. Unless you just have to experience cold weather, I would stick with UCLA. Your upper division classes will get smaller at UCLA. Remember, there are few jobs in upstate New York, so your local options are much less for internships. While Cornell has great connections to California jobs, UCLA is much better for that. You will be competing with every other UCLA undergrad though so Cornell may be a slight benefit, as far as standing out. However, your UCLA alumni group is HUGE and that matters down the road. UCLA is the better degree to have, for alumni hiring in CA. Now, Cornell does offer some much smaller class sizes, superb classes in every subject, including Japanese, history and engineering , and a funky town, Ithaca. Cornell has a very loyal undergraduate student body
and excellent alumni networking. I do not think UCLA is lower in quality of academics, but it is a larger school.

On a side note: That F (if materializes) could ruin your transfer to another top school … and a prof bad accent is no good excuse! Many students (including my daughter) in UCLA don’t/can’t even attend some of very populated classes and still survive those classes by studying available online class notes, TA’s help or through other provisions.
And remember an excuse is only good when it applies to you only and not to the rest of the class!