Transfer to CSUN computer science from local CC?

Hi everyone, I’m looking to transfer to Cal State Northridge for Computer Science from a community college in the local area in Fall 2020, with a 3.35 GPA, all prereqs and GEs completed. Do you think i’ll be able to get in? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for replying, I’ve read through that link, but I was wondering if the 3.35 was enough, even with applying locally and to a technically non impacted major. That link doesn’t really provide that specific information so I was just wondering what other people thought about it.

Based on this link, your Transfer GPA is above average. Along with being a local applicant, you have a very good chance.

Best of luck.

Ok awesome, thank you so much!

That link from reply #1 says that, for California transfer applicants applying to non impacted majors last year, local applicants needed a 2.00 GPA, while non local applicants needed a 3.50 GPA. If this year is not much different, then CSUN is likely or safety if you are local, reach otherwise, based on your 3.35 GPA and non impacted CS major.


Pretty much same boat here.

I’ve applied (as a local resident - transfer) to CSUN and CSULB as a Computer Science major.

I have a 3.5 overall GPA and will have completed the Golden Four by the end of Spring (although I just became aware that the Critical Thinking portion does not need to be completed prior to admission for computer science at CSUN).

I have also completed all of the prerequisites, except for a couple Computer Science classes that don’t seem to be offered at the local community colleges, and possibly a Geography lab. I have completed all of the maths and will be receiving my AA in Natural Sciences and Mathematics prior to transfer.

I really hope I get into CSUN because I didn’t take the required Chem or Physics for most of the other CSU’s.

Good luck, All!

I talked to a couple of people who told me they got into CSUN Comp Sci locally with a 3.38 and a 2.8, so hopefully we should be good.