transfer to harvard

<p>hey, how tough is it to transfer from columbia to harvard after freshman year? do people transfer within ivies often?</p>

<p>after your first year at Columbia, you'll realize Columbia is a better place to be than at harvard. </p>

<p>People are generally much happier at Columbia than at harvard because of the realization you'll have the exact (if not MORE, because of its location and connections within NYC) same opportunities (both research and professional) while having a much much better social scene (self-explainable) to make the fullest out of your four years in college.</p>

<p>I chose Columbia over harvard and yale on a prayer I wasn't making a stupid precarious decision. One year later, judging from how my friends are faring at harvard at yale (i have a lot of connections there -- i went to an elitist private school, haha), i can say it was the best decision i ever made.</p>

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<p>thanks, but that wasn't my question</p>

<p>Harvard takes very few transfers. I think they might be more likely to take a transfer from a school that doesn't offer enough opportunities, as opposed to Columbia, which does.</p>

<p>Other top schools take more transfers as a matter of policy. Brown, for example, and Stanford.</p>

<p>to answer your question,
yes, it is possible, but very difficult,