Transfer to Highly Selective College

<p>Hello. My name is Dan and I am currently a Sophomore at Monroe Community College. My intentions are to transfer with an Associate's Degree by Fall 2012 (Graduating Spring 2012. I currently have a 3.9 GPA at Monroe Community College and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa (Honors Society). I am looking to transfer a Highly Selective College that offers Political Science as a major. Although I am set on attending a top 100 institution, I also want to make sure that all of my credits from MCC transfer, including AP Credits from High School. The following are the scores I received on each of my AP Tests:</p>

<p>AP European History:3
AP American History:4
AP Psychology:4
AP English Composition:4
AP Government-U.S:4
AP Statistics: 3</p>

<p>With all things considered, what highly selective colleges is a solid fit for me in terms of offering the most credit for courses taken at my local community college as well as AP Credits? I know that some solid SUNY schools such as SUNY Geneseo would offer me 27 credits total for my AP test results. Are there any highly selective schools that would offer me a similar package of AP Credits in addition to credit for courses taken at MCC? Also, if SAT scores are still required for transfer students, I scored an 1180 (Critical Reading+ Math). All advice and input would be greatly appreciated...</p>

<p>Many selective colleges only take 4s & 5s for credit, but you need to check at each school you’re interested in for their AP policy.</p>