Transfer to mcgill (2020 Fall)

Hi, everyone, does anyone get admitted from mcgill?
I’m an international student outside Canada seeking to transfer to mcgill with cGPA about 3.87/4.00 or 87/100. Still Ready For Review for 3 months, a little bit anxious

@greyway Hey, according to McGill’s website Transfer students from universities outside Canada can hear from Admissions between mid-February and early June. As a Second Degree student who was accepted last year I can tell you it’s pretty normal for Transfer/Second Degree students to have “ready for review” status for months before being informed of a decision.

Thanks! And do you think how much gpa does mcgill require? The mcgill 's website just gives minimum 3.0 for faculty of art, which seems impossible for transfer students to get in with.

The website also states that having the minimum GPA does not guarantee acceptance. A lot depends on the program you apply to. Desautels requires pretty much a 3.9 or 4.0, Arts would likely be 3.4 or 3.5.

I am in the same boat. Applied to Arts and Business. International student with GPA around 3.75 from a well known university. Fingers crossed. Good luck!

@Douglock Thanks! And do you think how much gpa does mcgill require? The mcgill 's website just gives minimum 3.0 for faculty of art, which seems impossible for transfer students to get in with.

@ragnhild God bless you. Applied to faculty of art and faculty of sci.

I graduated from McGill, but had entered as a transfer student from another Canadian university. I got my admissions acceptance letter in July - it was cutting it close and I wasn’t even waitlisted. So if you hear back on the late side, don’t worry. The school is riddled with red tape. :slight_smile:

Hey there I transferred to McGill from an American university with a gpa of 3.78. I applied to Arts and I had to wait till late May to get a response. I hope that helps !

Just wondering if anyone knows, does Desautels still accept transfer students this year? Because I saw on the website says college/university transfer students are normally not eligible for Desautels, which appears this year for the first time (I submitted my application at the end of the last year).

Looking forward to some answers, thanks guys!

Applied to Arts with a 3.59 CGPA. My current university allows student to choose satisfactory instead of letter grades on the transcript, and if I choose satisfactory on 2 of my courses (both B+), my CPGA will become 3.67. I am just confused about will McGill prefer to a applicant with higher CGPA or a transcript without any satisfactory grades…

I have to make the decision before May14th, which is the deadline offered by my current university. Hope someone can help me:( Thanks!

I guess you are from the University of Ottawa? I am facing the same problem. But I don’t think it is wise to do that. By replacing your grade with S/NS will probably show the admission officer that you screwed up with these two courses. And these two courses will not be considered for transfer credits. Meanwhile, you will probably have 7 courses left that actually have a letter grade…But they usually assess applicants on 8 or more courses…(I am not sure if this will actually have an impact on the application but they do need you to complete 8 courses for transfer if I am not mistaken. So I decided not to replace my B+ with S/NS. But it is just what I think, you need to make the decision yourself.


Anyone here? still frr, my friend with gpa3.98/4.0 got a decision-pending standard. too competitive this year…

Which faculty did your friend apply to? 3.98 seems too competitive!!!

Hey! I’m also FRR with a 3.83… wondering when we’ll hear back since I’m international and they said early June. It does seem too competitive.

She apply for faculty of art from an American College


Does anyone get admitted? the admission office said decision would be made in early june, but it is early July now. Still frr

Still RFR. I’m so anxious at this point. A lot of courses are full. There is literally not enough time to gather documents. I don’t know why they aren’t trying to release decisions a bit faster. I email service point and they replied with: “I hope you hear soon.” They don’t even tell you when anymore. I know it is competitive and all, but come on. Toronto replied in May. US universities replied in April.