Transfer to RISD after a Major change?

Hi all,
So I’m going to be a junior in the fall at SJU. I was a psychology major but changed to graphic design during Fall 2017. Because of this, I’m pretty behind in credits. However, I was thinking of applying to transfer to RISD in Spring 2019. I’d probably end up spending at least an extra year at RISD (in addition to the two or so years I have left) as I’m already pegged to be spending at least an extra semester at SJU. I have a good scholarship at SJU (covers about 80% of tuition) and I don’t have any living costs (commuter) which makes me feel conflicted. I don’t want to lose my scholarship and end up not liking RISD and then be miserable. I’m very worried about making a mistake but it’d be incredible to have gone to RISD and have that on my resume. I’ve never really stayed in a dorm for longer than a few days so I don’t have much experience dorming. I’m waiting to hear back from admissions for what they think about my situation. I have a good chance at getting in because I got waitlisted in high school and have a 3.85 cumulative GPA.
Is it smart to transfer if I got in to RISD?

If you are admitted, you can evaluate your financial aid package and see if it is even possible for you to attend. If the money works out, you can discuss your situation as a transfer with the people at RISD. Will any of your classes transfer? How long would you need to study there? If you would need three years or more at RISD at a cost of $$$$$, and you could finish where you are in only a bit over two years at $, then you will probably have your answer.

RISD is fantastic, but no design degree is worth a whole bunch of student debt. If you owe a lot of money when you graduate, you will have to take the first decent paying job you can get, and you might never get to do the design work that you really love.

DD is there now and while there are many amazing things about it as a school, I’d suggest if you can find message boards, blogs, vblogs etc of current and past students. It’s not a ‘typical’ college culture - but intensely focused on art - some kids LOVE it and thrive in that, others find it harder to adjust & not ultimately a good fit. The work load is INTENSE. My DD had pretty ‘normal’ sleep routine before this (even with heavy academics, extra curriculars and job)…but yep sleep is a thing of the past. :wink:

So it isn’t meant to scare you at all, but if you can research more what you’ll possibly going into and make sure a potential price difference (and possibly long term debt) are worth it in the big picture. Some of its the majors are several at RISD are a bit more chill than others.