Transfer to SUNY New Paltz?

I’m currently a freshman at the University at Buffalo studying Business Administration. So far, I’m not very excited about UB, there’s not a lot to do and the people aren’t very welcoming (maybe it’s just where I live). I’ve been debating transferring to New Paltz, but is the business program as good there? That’s what is most important to me. Also, one of the only reasons I like UB is because it is half an hour away from my home, whereas NP is almost 7. Is it a bad idea to transfer to a school so far away? Please let me know, I need other people’s input!

The business program at NP is strong, and rising in terms of rankings and etc. It’s AACSB accredited, which is important to certain employers. It’s small, and the school itself does a lot to prepare its grads for employment, including working to hook them up with internships and etc.

I’d suggest that you try to make Buffalo work for you for the spring. Can you change dorms, maybe to one that’s designed to build community, like one of their Living Learning Communities?

That may help you make more of a connect with the people you’re living near. In addition, join at least one club that’s known to be a real time suck - so that you have to spend a lot of intense time around people with similar interests. See how you feel as the spring progresses. And feel free to apply to other schools, in case things don’t work out at Buffalo.

Are there any schools that offer what you like about New Paltz, but which are closer to home? They may also be options.

Only you can decide how important it is to be close to home. How often do you go home now? How often do you see your family. If often, how much would you miss them if you couldn’t see them for a stretch. Obviously the lions share of students you now at Buffalo live a great distance from their family home and most students have no problem with that. But that is a very individual choice/issue.