Transfer to TOP25'S

<p>Hey guys, I'm a CCC student with a 3.82 (34 units) UC transferable, and 3.9 (31 units) USC transferable (I have 1 B in college, and I took a class in High school and got a B, but it was for graduation credit, and I took it AT my highschool, so it doesn't count which is a good thing for me :]). I applied to USC this year (as a sophomore) and got a SGR but ended up being rejected. So I'm planning on applying to the UCs and USC again this Fall, but also want to go for other top schools. I want to apply to Stanford and top IVS but I know those are a complete reach for anyone, so that's just more for fun. But I do want to apply to schools like Cornell,Brown,NW,Notre Dame,Hopkins etc... Schools that are difficult to get into, but not impossible (15%ish acceptance rates). I should receive straight A's from now on, I got a 4.0 my first semester, and my second semester was a pretty lazy one resulting in a 3.7ish (3.9 total). So I will try a bit harder, (I never went to any classes, barely did work/study etc...). So I'm looking for what I should do, I'm not to worried about my UCS/USC app because I know what I need to do. But am a bit confused with the slightly higher ranked schools. I never took my SATS in high school, so I'm assuming I should do that. When will be the latest I can take them so that I may use them for admissions? Also my ecs aren't too great. (2 years chess club in HS, won a 1st place/gold medal 100m dash between various HS's in the region in my junior year, secretary of a biology club my freshman semester of CCC, but thats it... I also can play the guitar,piano, and drums but I'm pretty mediocre. I was thinking about joining student government, maybe that will help. But I think I should be looking for a hook, which I really don't have. Any advice? My major is Biology/Pre-Med.</p>

<p>Take the SAT, the latest you can take it would be the date that reports right before your deadlines; look it up. As far as EC's go, yours are really weak. You may consider doing research with a prof, doing an internship/ volunteer at a hospital/clinic. Joining student govt is a step in the right direction.</p>

<p>Definitely get involved with research.</p>

<p>You may not have to take the SAT. Are you going to apply for mid year sophomore transfer or junior year? You should most likely take them anyway to avoid any confusion but some schools do not require an SAT after a 2 year transfer.</p>

<p>You probably know, but just to correct you, Cornell and Brown are both Ivies. I also would not take UC applications lightly, UC Berkeley and San Diego have top bio programs. </p>

<p>Your GPA is on track but a standardized test score would help give a better estimate. Your EC's are indeed weak as hahahaha stated. I would say you should mostly apply to top 30 schools.</p>

<p>I am assuming you are a CA resident which significantly increases your chances.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm a california community college applicant. Im not worried about UCSD because I can TAG. For UCLA/CAL/USC I just need to have good essays, keep my GPA up and involve myself in more ECS, and I should have a decent shot at them. It'll be hit or miss. Yeah, I know cornel/brown are IV's but, the lowered tiered IVS aren't impossible, there just incredibly difficult as opposed to Harvard/Standford etc with like 25 acceptances a year. My gpa should be a 3.9++ by Spring, and probably 3.95+. I'm not taking the SATS for UCs/USC but mainly for the top 25 schools besides those that Do require them such as Cornel, Brown etc. And yeah, I'lll be applying as a Junior. So student gov would be a setp in the right direction, anyone suggest that I join PTK (Community college honor society). Or should i go for more volunteer work? I feel like all of the follow ec possibilities i mentioned are too common. Maybe I should take an interest in something incredibly uncommon but interesting, I don't know lols.</p>

<p>Sad to say his ECs are far better than mine, 2 years of Cross Country/Track in High School, helped out with the 2006 elections for USGov Honors, joined APA and Div 44. Other than that... nada.</p>

<p>The EC's mentioned above are examples, you should definitely do something that you are passionate about, so that when you write about it in your essays, you dont sound fake. Also, that would help you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. Some of my EC's were very uncommon, that set me apart from the rest and made up for my crappy GPA.</p>

<p>There is a huge gap in what it takes to transfer to a UC and USC and what it takes at an ivy. You will absolutely need SATs for every ivy except Cornell and most top privates. Those schools want to see academic interests/achievements outside of the classroom and want a genuine reason why their school is a good fit for you. They will want passionate prof recs as well.</p>

<p>Yeah, thanks, I'm going to take them soon and really spend some time on them. And I understand the gap, I actually want to stay in state (LA/SD/BERKLY/USC/STANFORD(DREAM), I'm just applying to all these out of state top schools as backups in the sense that maybe I won't be content with my life living so close to home, but as for now I love it. And Cornel doesn't require SATS? for CLAS? hmm, but yeah I'm thinking about Cornell, Columbia, UCLA, USC, UCB, Notre Dame, Hopkins, Brown, NW. Anyone know what I should range for SAT wise? I want to do research and such, but I'm not sure if thats possible if I go to a community college, which I do.</p>

<p>I would ask your professors/ people in the bio department/friends at local colleges/ if they have any contacts for research. In addition private companies (drug companies, etc.) may offer internships.</p>