Transfer to Tulane

<p>Hi CC,</p>

<p>I will be a sophomore at a regional campus at THE Ohio State University. I am considering transferring and Tulane is probably #1 on my list of schools. I would like to transfer Second Semester and here is a list of my classes. Also, my GPA is a 3.9, and is Tulane good with Scholarship for transfer students or minority students (African American Male)?</p>

<p>Year 1</p>

<p>Quarter 1
English 109.01 (A)
Excursions in Mathematics (A)
Spanish 102.66 (A)</p>

<p>Quarter 2
First Year English (A)
Algebra and Trigonometry (A)
Spanish 103.01 (A)</p>

<p>Quarter 3
Precalculus (B+)
Spanish 104 (A-)
Geology (A)</p>

History (A)
Biology (A)</p>

<p>Year 2</p>

<p>Semester 1
Calculus 1
English Second Year
American Politics</p>