Transfer to U.S. college from Moscow


<p>I am a transfer student from Moscow.
I won the green card lottery program, and received an Immigrant visa. I am applying to some colleges in new york.
My college GPA is 3.96 on a 5 scale.
Total hours 6740 (7 semesters, from September 2008 till December 2012)
In Moscow I study medicine (undergraduate, year 4).
I do not need to apply for financial aid, since I can pay by my self. I want to transfer for a Biology major (pre-med).</p>

<p>I'm a bit worried about transferring to Colleges in New York City. I do not know what are my chances to be admitted to any college in new york, how many subjects will be accepted, the most important for me what year will be my "first" year, I just don't want to start my studies from the beginning...</p>

<p>Can someone tell me how many chances I have got to be admitted to any of these colleges:
CUNY (Hunter, Baruch, Queens, Lehman)
Pace University
Manhattan College</p>

<p>Thanks for help.</p>

<p>You need to send a private message (also referred to as a PM) to b@r!um who often posts in the International Student Forum. She won the green card lottery several years ago and then transferred from her college in Europe to one here in the US. She will have lots of good advice for you.</p>

<p>Go to the page that lists all of the forums, and scroll down until you find the International Forum. Look for a thread where b@r!um has posted a comment, and click on her user name. A drop-down menu will appear that will give you the option of sending her a personal message. Click on that option and you will go to the page where you can compose your email.</p>

<p>The other place to go for advice is the Moscow office of EducationUSA. EducationUSA</a> - Center Profile - EducationUSA Moscow Advising Center The counselors there can help you with the transfer application process. If they haven't worked with a lottery winner before, they have colleagues in other countries who have, and they should be able to get some advice a bit more specific to your situation. EducationUSA is a not-for-profit organization, so if any fees are charged for their services, they will be minimal.</p>

<p>Congratulations on the lottery win, and best wishes with this whole process!</p>

<p>I cant see you going to undergrad for Biology after completing 4 yrs of Medical Education. The level will be much too low for you. Try to contact the above link in happymoms post. Also investigate if you can go back to Russia (ironic I know) next year to complete your studies. I dont know the green card rules about being out of the country - are they lenient for a student? On the one hand its congratulations on the lottery win. On the other - uh-oh about the Medical Studies.</p>

<p>hi, congrats on winning the lottery! that's amazing!
i am from moscow too (originally) and applying to colleges in nyc as well.
i would say you should email the admissions counselors and explain the whole situation. they all helped me a lot, i had whole bunch of questions about my applications, supplements, transcripts, etc. although your situation might be more complicated, i'm sure they'll be happy to help.</p>