Transfer to UC with Electrical Engineering

<p>Hi... I'm hoping to transfer to UC next fall.
I'm engineering major and I need lots of classes to transfer..
but anyways I won't complete the second english course and the chemistry course on time.
because I couldn't get those classes last year since it fill up quickly...(I was wait-listed and still didn't get it)
however, I will be done with all the physics, math and computer science classes.
and my GPA is 3.83. If I apply.. will they even look at my application or just throw it away..
what is my chance of getting in UCR, UCI, UCLA and UCSD..
or should I just spend one more year to finish the required classes?

<p>Are you an international student? If you cannot complete the second English composition course before Summer 2012, then yes, your application is thrown away :) . That's one of the three basic requirements for UC admission.</p>

<p>I don't quite understand your "on time" phrase just yet, if you could explain more about your situation, that would be much better for everyone else to understand and "chance" you.</p>

<p>My friend was in the same situation. </p>

<p>He had a high GPA, finished all the Pre-requisites for computer science, but didn't finish the second English because it was just too hard for him. </p>

<p>He applied everywhere and got rejected.
When he called the schools to ask them why, they told him that they would have gladly accepted him had he finished his English classes. </p>

<p>So yeah, if you can't finish the English classes, you're screwed.</p>

<p>I took the 2nd English course online and it was a joke =) You don't have to take it in person if you don't want to. The downside is that YOU CANNOT PLAGIARIZE AND GET AWAY IN AN ONLINE COURSE. I have seen many people just copy others' essays or on the Internet and turn them in and get an A in a f2f classroom since instructors don't have the time to search every single link that you cited. On the other hand, online instructors will use TURNITIN.COM, or simply copy & paste it and 1.2.3 google it. So yeah, do your work and get an A in an online course is simple, if you choose the right professor</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for you guys replies....!!!!:)))))
Now I'm 100% sure that I can not finish my second english course!!!
So should I just go for another year in college or transfer to Cal Poly,Cal State instead????</p>

<p>Even Cal State requires 2nd English course, as far as I'm concerned...
You should just take it next spring online. Find a somewhat easy professor, be prepared to read a few assigned readings and take the time to do the essays... save you thousands of bucks (if you are international) and a year wandering at CC just because of a stupid critical thinking requirement :)</p>

<p>LOL but the problem is that i'm planning on taking the "first" english course in spring and you can't take both of the english classes together because there is a prerequisite...hahahahaha I'm screwed...</p>

<p>What school do you go to? I go to Santa Monica College and they offer English 1 and 2 online. Both are eight week classes during the regular 16 week semester. You could set it up so that you take English 1 for the first 8 weeks and then English 2 for the second 8 weeks. Then you would have both done in the spring. </p>

<p>A friend of mine did this and it worked out for him, although it wasn't during the spring before transfer. I hope this info helps. Good luck.</p>

<p>@OP: -,-
wish you luck anw</p>

<p>What's with the bit on taking it in person instead of online? Take it online! You're applying to a friggin UC. If you can't get a decent grade in an English class without plagiarizing maybe you don't belong in a UC.</p>

<p>(@ sparky)</p>

<p>nias: Some colleges have the first and second english classes as half-semester classes (DVC does, for example). I actually took mine that way, and while reading that much in half a semester can be kinda rough it's totally worth it.</p>

<p>^ Seriously, do you even understand my advice to the OP, or you just read briefly and then troll?</p>

<p>thank you again~!~!~!~!~! all of you
I will for sure check out that online and half-semester classes.
but Santa Monica college is way too far for me :(((((
FYI.. I go to cypress college</p>