Transfer to UCLA?

Please let me know what you think about getting in to UCLA from a California Community College.
GPA 3.48 (will be between 3.55-3.62 after fall semester)
Will have all general ed’s done by time of transfer(no cupcake classes)
Will have 69 units at time of transfer
Great personal statement due to a back injury that I suffered through for a year.(recently had back surgery)
President of Honors Club, Vice President of History Club and also participated in other clubs.
Econ or Bus-Econ major

<p>Do you guys think that bringing my gpa up to a 3.64 can make a big difference? Also do the classes you pick such as "easy classes" compared to harder ones make a big difference? And does anyone know what the median gpa for bus-econ or econ majors transfer students for ucla is? Thanks</p>