transfer to UCSB....?

<p>hello everyone! question regarding UCSB transfers-the transfer agreement on their site says something about not accepting transfer students with performing arts majors? whats up with that? I really want to transfer there for my junior/senior years and continue studying theatre but now i'm not sure if that's possible....? help? thanks, much!</p>

<p>also....any current students attending UCSB: what is your experience with the school? likes/dislikes? campus life? dorms? people? theatre company? classes? etc... </p>


<p>anyone? :'(</p>

<p>Best answer : call up the performing arts dept.
and look into this.<br>
UCSB</a> Admissions</p>

<p>no idea why they wouldnt accept performance arts majors. its probably mumbo jumbo, but it could be because they have a seperate college for stuff like that called college of creative studies, and they require different, additional items such as a portfolio etc. </p>

<p>ask a counselor or get in contact with the school's admissions office</p>

<p>thanks much! that helps. :)</p>