Transfer to UPenn, Chance me please

<p>I am a freshman at Stony Brook University going into my second term. I want to transfer but am not sure whether I even have a chance of getting into UPenn for Arts and Sciences. Please chance me.</p>

3.54 GPA (after 1 semester)
Major: Psychology (although I am thinking about biology and neuroscience as well)
Extra-curricular: joined 2 clubs and am going to volunteer at the nearby hospital
Others: On the Dean's list
SAT: math- 690, reading-610, writing- 660
HS GPA: 3.5
Also lots of extra-curricular during my high school years.</p>


<p>All of your numbers look weak for Penn. I would suggest waiting another year to boost up your college GPA.</p>

<p>haha so many people from stony looking to leave! seriously there have been tons popping up lately</p>

<p>anyway, your numbers are really weak. your gpa needs to be higher and your HS stats will hold you back, so if anything, wait another year to bring those grades up and so that your HS matters less</p>

<p>This better not be a troll.</p>

<p>Stonybrook won't get any better for the next Fall. There's so many immature people I know around Queens that are applying there and wanting to go there.
Therefore, avoid Stonybrook and go to Binghamton or Geneseo.</p>