Transfer to USMA?

I know there is no such thing as “transferring” as 4 years are still required. However, I plan to attend either UPitt or Rutgers for a major in political science and after the first year I am interested in transferring to USMA. What do I have to do in order to be successful in transferring?

@ctc123: Regardless of what you plan to major in, you will need to do well in a program that mimics Plebe year at the academy which means doing very well in calculus, chemistry, and physics at whichever college you first attend. You will also need to remain fit and continue to work on your athleticism as over 98% of any incoming USMA class comprises varsity athletes. The first thing you have to do, though, is secure a congressional nomination as the academies do not consider applications without nominations. So, scour the websites of your congressperson and both senators for their nomination requirements and timelines and focus your efforts on this mandatory first step. You should also read through the archives on the serviceacademyforums board as your question has been asked and answered there many times by current and former military personnel.

For others reading here, as the OP notes, there is no “transferring” to a service academy. All candidates, regardless of background, complete the same application process and enter the academies as Plebes. It is possible to enter an academy with a four-year degree from another institution, but that appointee still enters as a first-year. The level of previous education, though, may enable the Plebe to validate a host of courses and start further along the curriculum stream with room to double-major.