Transfer to UT Austin from UTSA

<p>I'm a non-cap freshman that attends UTSA. This semester I have a 3.8 GPA with 15 hours and plan to get the same if not better next semester. The problem that I have is that I took 2 dual credit courses in highschool at Austin Community College got a 4.0 in one (macroeconomics) but forgot to drop the other which resulted in me getting a 0.00 and a 2.00 gpa at acc. So I transferred my macro credit to utsa but it also included my other class. When I go look at my grades for this semester this is what it shows:</p>

<p>UTSA Cummulative GPA:3.80
OVERALL: 3.28</p>

<p>Will this show up on my UTSA transcript that I send to UT? Or will it just show my UTSA gpa with the credit that i got at ACC without the ACC gpa? And how are my chances of getting into UT liberal arts?</p>