Transfer to UT liberal arts

<p>Ok, so i am currently entering my sophmore year in a private university in Texas majoring in marketing currently with 30 credit hours. However, i am considering transfering to University of Texas - Austin. I am a permanent resident in Texas as my citizenship is in Scotland.</p>

<p>First semester at my current university, i partied a little to hard and had a 2.6 gpa, second semester i finished up with a 4.0, giving me a 3.3 gpa for the year. I have alot of internships, and activities under my belt. And my essays are in reasonably good shape on my application.</p>

<p>What do you think my chances are of getting into UT - COLA as a transfer? Im thinking about studying economics. If this did not workout i was thinking about transfering into the undergraduate school.</p>

<p>I would like to transfer to McCombs from my current university but i know i dont stand a chance with my current GPA, but would eventually try to transfer into McCombs as an internal transfer by having a high GPA in house if i got accepted into UT.</p>


<p>oooo dude your chances are impossible to tell, if you had a gpa of 3.5 you were almost guaranteed admission...but 3.3? i dont know really, its kind of a 50-50 chance. if you fail this year you might will have to apply next year and then internal transfer to mccombs might be a bit difficult because they dont allow you to transfer with more than 90 credit hrs. I think the best option would be to apply this year and (GOD-FORBID) you get rejected, aplly again for spring after 1st semester of sophomore yr. and then after sophomore apply for internal transfer to mccombs....kind of confusin I know</p>

<p>Stop posting multiple threads.</p>