Transfer to VCU with violent misdemeanor on record

If it weren’t for my criminal record, I would be a simple case for guaranteed admission. My GPA at a community college is currently 3.5x and I will complete my associate’s degree at the end of the Spring semester. The problem? I was convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge in another state, and there is 0 possibility of getting this charge expunged. With that in mind, I’d really like know what to expect during the application process. I imagine that having a conviction of this nature will give any college I apply to a red flag that I am potentially a threat to campus safety, but I guess it isn’t as bad as applying with a felony right?

The following is in my favor:
I have successfully completed the terms of my probation without a hitch.
I have never at any point been in any sort of trouble with my community college. I’m confident this will continue through the upcoming academic year.
This is all that is on my record and it will remain the only conviction on my record.

I’m going to be applying to several other schools as well to improve my odds of finding at least one school willing to overlook it, but VCU is definitely my first choice.