Transfer to Whitman with 3.111? Or raise GPA?

I’d like to transfer to Reed College or Whitman College from Bellarmine University for either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

Current status: First-Year Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Minor: English
Current GPA: 3.111
High School GPA (if relevant): 3.9 on 4.0 scale /4 4.3 on 4.5-5.0 scale (took numerous AP and Honors courses so I’m not sure what scale it’s on)
ACT Score (if relevant): 30 / Writing: 9
Recommendations: Should be very positive.
Common App Transfer Statement: Want to transfer for better geographic location and social life that will challenge me and help me grow.
Numerous collegiate activities such as members of various clubs and organized a fundraiser for a local women’s shelter and numerous work experiences.

My ultimate question is do I need to wait to apply for Spring 2019 to get my GPA back up (I had a rough first semester)? Or should I apply both now (Fall 2018) and later (Spring 2019), if necessary? Everything will stay relatively the same except GPA.

I would not use location and social life as your hook for your transfer essay. They want to know that you want to transfer for academics! :slight_smile: Otherwise you look great! Good luck!