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Does anyone have an idea how open WPI is to transfers? My son is at a community college (out of state with no transfer agreement with WPI). He has emailed a handful of his top choice schools about setting up a phone call or a Zoom to discuss transferring and the questions he has (questions unique to his situation). Most schools have been more than willing to do this. WPI , for all intents and purposes, basically said “all the information is on our website”

Anyone experience this? Are they interested in transfers? Any recommendations?

They do have a pretty robust amount of information online. If he can’t find answers after exhausting the information in the link below, then maybe he can hit them with specific questions that were unanswered.

We toured WPI two weekends ago and I remember them touting their very high retention rate. They may not have a lot of room/need for transfers; if that’s the case, it would explain why they are less willing to talk. They might feel it’s more efficient to woo new students?

According to the WPI common data set regarding transfers:

In 2018, 244 applied, 91 were accepted and 38 enrolled

2019, 171 applied, 71 were accepted and 39 enrolled.

2020, 177 applied, 102 were accepted and 35 enrolled.


That’s our plan. Standard stuff is online. He’ll be sending specific questions via email.

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