Transfer to Yale?


<p>First off, I'd like to say I'm a yale legacy if that helps at all. My dad does not contribute at all, though.</p>


<p>University of Iowa (freshman year):</p>

<p>28 credits
3.87 cumulative GPA
-played in college orchestra</p>


<p>University of Wisconsin (current sophmore)</p>

<p>-14 credits
-4.0 cumulative GPA
-staff writer for largest paper on campus
-Some random volunteering</p>

<p>High School:
-28 ACT comp, 12 writing
-3.3 weighted gpa (I know)
-Very involved in orchestra (Chamber, quartets, symphony, etc)
-Volunteer about 100 hours
-Various sports, intermural and varsity but can't be recruited
-Lived abroad with a family for a few weeks</p>

<p>The transfer admit rate for last year was about 3%. You've got to completely understand the enormous mountain that lies ahead of you. You've already attended two colleges and your HS achievement wouldn't have made you much of a viable candidate as a freshmen admit. </p>

<p>You can't get in if you don't apply but I'd say your chances are not good at all if I'm being frank. No one's really is, but you've got greater challenges.</p>

<p>I'm not saying you're a poor student: you seem to be doing marvelously right now.</p>