Transfer Track and Field

I will be attending a D1 school and I am considering walking on to the track team (coach offered me spot). However, if I am thinking of transferring to another D1 and trying to get recruited as a transfer, should I walk on and request a transfer release after this year or just not walk on in the first place and compete unattached this year?

This is a pretty unusual situation so I’d get in touch with the NCAA. They can clarify the rules and logistics. I think, but not sure, that as soon as you’re a student you’d need to work with the compliance officer at your current school before being recruited as a transfer anyway. (You could also talk with the compliance office at your school to start with, as they know the rules. But be aware that could get back to your coach).

But aside from logistics and rules, I’d jump at the chance to walk on. Having a training group, access to facilities, coaching, performance and training staff is a huge advantage from a training perspective. Not to mention the social benefits of having new friends and teammates from day 1. Of course, some of this depends on how athletics are being handled at your school. Your coach should know this by now.

Also, if you have a good relationship with the coach and still want to transfer for academic reasons, the coach can sometimes be helpful for that.