transfer UCLA

<p>Hi, I'm an international student and my major is global studies. I am currently studying in Texas but I'd like to transfer to UCLA, which has a best global studies program.
Here is my question : can I try to transfer from my university ( the admission rate out of california is very low) or is it better to go to a community college in california and then transfer ? ( I am a sophomore and I am not sure if I can transfer all my credits, but it's fine if I am still considered as a sophomore after a year in a community college)


<p>If you are a sophomore right now, you should have applied for transfer for Fall 2012 in November 2011. UCLA has a maximum unit cap for 4-year transfers (86 transferable semester units or 129 transferable quarter units) and once you exceed the limit, you are no longer eligible for admission. If you plan to apply in November 2012 for transfer in Fall 2013, then you MUST switch to a California community college to remain eligible for transfer consideration - the maximum unit cap is lifted when students switch to and remain in a California community college. Source: <a href=“[/url]”></a>, page 15.</p>