Transfer w/ some restrictions

Posted a thread detailing my circumstances in special topics, but on paper I’ll be a senior standing in my 2nd year of college since I did dual enrollment in high school. I really want to transfer to a more prestigious school than I’m at right now to pursue a second major and finish the one I’m enrolled in rn (currently only majoring in political science) rather than pursuing a separate concurrent bachelors but so many schools don’t allow kids w that many credits (I’ll have 124 going into next year) to transfer. I do at least plan on applying to the University of Washington, I was wondering if I could hear some suggestions:

Current school: Seattle University
GPA: 3.7
Current major: BA in Poli Sci w/ spec. in Legal Studies
Want to pursue 2nd: Economics most likely, also eyeing comms
Extracurriculars: Debate Union, Poli Sci Club, started a Gun Control Advocacy Organization on campus

I’m not super picky on size or location as long as it’s within driving distance of some semblance of civilization, even if it’s a smaller town. Price is somewhat of a factor but not my top priority in searching.

Thanks y’all!

One last thing: regionwise, I’d prefer anything but the SE, and if you have any smaller private schools in mind (my orig. top choice was Oberlin but they won’t let me apply due to my credit count) please let me know!

Your best bet is to probably stick it out where you are, and focus on getting into a good grad school. How many Econ classes can you squeeze in next year along with the remaining Poli Sci classes for your current major? Can you afford the cost of an extra year at Seattle U and pick up a second major there in Econ? Go talk with your advisor about this.

@parkeyfinn : What specifically do you dislike about Seattle University ?

Du you agree that Seattle University has a great location ?