Transfer Waitlist, what to do? (Georgetown)

<p>I was recently waitlisted at Georgetown University as a freshman transfer. I've sent updated grades, a continued interest letter, and was offered a letter of recommendation from an influential, yet very personal figure. I was interested in going for an additional visit to meet with an admissions officer etc. How would I go about doing so? Is this appropriate?</p>

<p>Usually you are assigned an admissions counselor, I would call/email her every week or so to update them on what youre doing as well as find out where you are in the admissions process. This not only keeps you up to date but shows your continued interest. The trick is finding the balance between not contacting them enough and being a pest. Use your judgement. Good luck</p>

<p>Thanks, I did not know who my admissions counselor was. I sent an email to admissions saying that I was interested if they were able to set me up with someone for a campus visit and that I did not receive an interview (not everyone had one) more words or less that was the email so I'm waiting for a response Monday.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have suggestions?</p>


<p>same question was the last day to make the deposit supposedly
michaelungerr..have you called the office today or something if at least they know if there are any spaces available???</p>

<p>I'm not sure if they would know yet? If so I don't know if they would tell us haha Want to take this one?</p>

<p>If the deposit deadline was yesterday, then I'd say you really won't hear until maybe Friday or early next week at the earliest if they want to admit you. If they don't want to admit you, you'll probably receive an email/snail mail within a few weeks. Short of that, you should send your final grades (probably overnight them at this point).</p>

<p>Schools usually go to their waitlist the week of their deadline. They probably have a grace period for receiving the deposits then after that assume those people arent attending. Of course it varies from school to school but generally thats the process. Im surprised they havent responded to your email, you should try calling and they should be able to tell you they will go to the waitlist.</p>

<p>In the letter, it was requested for supplements to be in ASAP, that they will review early july and a final decision by july 15. So, I'm hoping that timeline is going to be somewhat accurate? haha</p>

<p>Oh, by the way I received an email a day after I sent it with a bit of info, nothing new really.</p>

<p>Did you send your final transcript? If you did well, it can only help.</p>

<p>Yea I sent it in. I had a 3.92 last semester with 18 credits, then it ended up as a 3.89 after this semester but I took 21 credits this semester so it's pretty close.</p>

<p>Does anyone have information on previous years?</p>