Transfer Waitlists

<p>Who else is still waiting on a transfer waitlist?</p>

<p>Penn here</p>

<p>On the Georgetown Transfer Waitlist, trying all I can to get off though!!</p>

<p>If you haven't heard anything at all from schools that have already given some acceptances and rejections (early last month), should you assume that you're on the waitlist? Or do schools send you a letter confirming waitlist status?</p>

<p>I would assume that you're still on the school's waitlist, or even extended waitlist.</p>

<p>But either way, I'd call...</p>

<p>@twodown, are you sure they got all of your app items? If they did, they shouldve sent something.</p>

<p>Appreciate the feedback. Two of the three confirmed they'd received everything. Son doesn't want to bug them, but maybe a call is in order. Thanks again.</p>

<p>bumpity bumpp</p>

<p>I stopped in at Georgetown on my way to the beach yesterday (I live about 5hrs away) and they told me visiting the school to confirm my interest was a positive thing. Not sure if that is feasible for you but I'm sure it wouldnt hurt.</p>

<p>haha maybee</p>

<p>when is gtown supposed to notify transfer waitlistees?</p>

<p>btw the beach sounds realllllyyyy niceeee</p>

<p>if you call gtown will they tell you your place on the waitlist?</p>

<p>georgetown does not rank their waitlist, so no.</p>