Transfer without SAT

<p>Hey There.</p>

<p>I am current freshman at low tier school, and graduated from my HS in PostSoviet system.
Therefore I have no an SAT Scores.</p>

<p>But 1st semester I got 4.0 GPA(Cal1,Eng1,Dra,Rdg, Psych)</p>

<p>Have already done 100+Volunteer Hours(Food Bank,ProjectCure)</p>

<p>Joined clubs, next semester gonna make 5+ clubs and make a research.</p>

<p>Get To know good all my professors.</p>

<p>So Can I transfer to top 25 school without SATs,</p>

<p>Maybe after taking Chem and Bio next semester will take SAT 2s(bio +chem))))))))</p>

<p>It depends how many credit hours you'll have by the time you apply as a transfer student. Look up the various top 25 universities you are interested in and see if they require SAT scores for transfer students. Being in numerous clubs isn't necessary, it'd be better to take leadership positions in one or two clubs than be in five clubs where at most you are there just to be present. If you can get involved in research that will be a plus, also the person you do research under would be a potential 'recommender'. On a side note don't limit yourself to just the 'top 25' universities. Sometimes depending on what area you want to study a lower ranked university B in the general rankings will have a better department in x in juxtaposition to higher ranked university's A department x.</p>

<p>im in the same situation as u bro, 1rst and 2nd semester i got a 4.0, and i intern at a law firm, just get another 4.0 ur sophomore and apply for transfer for junior year...S.A.T.s wont matter, its of little significance if u can handle college level classes</p>

<p>kamrantx> UC Berkeley and UCLA don't require SATs. I believe that these are the only 2 schools on the 'Top 25' list that don't require them (just checked U of Virginia and it does require them).</p>