<p>Hey guys I have a question about transferring to an Ivy League school, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton universities and so on. I am a community college student who is about to finish school, and get an AA with emphasis on political science, my Current GPA is 3.3, it was 3.5 two quarters ago. What caused my grade to drop down was I had to work nights in order to provide for my family, so school became second priority. when I graduated high school my GPA was low, because I am a refugee from Africa learning new language was challenging, so that’s why I could not transfer to a university after high school, and my only option was CC, so is there any chance I can transfer and get accepted to a top school? Is my personal statement going to cover the grades I am missing? And by the way my intended major is political science, and a minor in international studies. If I can’t transfer now, when is the best time to transfer? After I get accepted to a regular university? To attend a top school like Harvard has always been my dream by the way.
I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks guys.</p>