<p>Hey guys, I'm a current first year in college. I'm quite unhappy with the place I'm at now and wishes to transfer to UChicago or Northwestern. My grades and academic courses are really rigorous. I was ranked in the top 1% of my H.S. graduating class and had a 3.89 gpa (uw). However, I have a reputation for doing poorly on standardized tests. I got a 26 on the ACT and it hasn't changed at all even though I retook it many times. I was really involved in H.S. and here in college, I'm actually a member of many different cultural organizations and a co-founder of a club. I believe I can write strong essays, but it's the ACT score is what I'm concerned about. Any advice on what to do? I really don't want to take the SAT or ACT again. Thanks in advance.</p>

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