I am an international freshman at a college rated around 400 in the USA and I want to transfer mainly for financial reasons. I had a 4.0 GPA this semester, 2010 on my SATs, 103 on my TOEFL and a 3.4 HS GPA. I have a few extracurriculars here and there but nothing major. I want to transfer to one of the following schools: Columbia University, Tufts, Smith or Bryn Mawr. My financial need is terrifyingly huge. What do you think my chances of getting financial aid to any of these schools or even getting into any of them are. Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Do you have aid now? Most schools don’t provide international students with much aid so if you have any, you are lucky. Unless you have some marked achievements beyond getting A’s in classes, it does not look like you have a academic background that makes it likely that you will attract the attention of schools of the caliber you mention. Getting in will be the first challenge. I don’t think it is likely. Maybe you should focus on achieving where you are.

Thanks lost account,
I have a little aid but the tuition is still very expensive.
do you know any schools that will be attracted by academic background then.