<p>I got wait listed to Brown, but was not chosen from the list. I wish to transfer after a year, but do not know what to do now. I have two options: to attend a public university (University of Florida) or to attend Miami Dade Community College honors program. If I attend the University of Florida, I will have to move, pay apartment rent, and take out a loan for $17,000 (each year). This amount could increase because I am currently undecided and might take extra classes or more years to figure out my major. I know this is not much, but the honors program is free and local. I would even be paid a scholarship if I attend and the classes will be a lot less difficult. But I cannot help thinking that the probability of being accepted to Brown as a transfer would be much higher if I transfer from the University of Florida. I wonder if the University of Florida is worth the work/pay if I want to transfer. What should I do?</p>

<p>You got an official letter saying you didn't get in? I was waitlisted too but haven't received anything.</p>

<p>I would stay and apply again next year. Also, apply to more schools, not just Brown.</p>