transferable math class not completed by fall 2010 = 0% chance of transferring..?

<p> fall 2011? I will likely have all the igetc and stuff done by fall 2011...but I might not be able to complete the transferable math til spring 2011...</p>

<p>As long as its before the summer you enter, it is fine. Double check on their websites though.</p>

<p>It will make you look like a more competitive transfer if you have your math requirement done.</p>

<p>But so long as you plan to take it the spring before you transfer, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>can someone confirm this definitely? do you have to complete your math requirement by fall before transfer? or can it be listed as a planned course?</p>

<p>Yes, you will be required to list your planned courses when you apply for UCs and it's fine to complete a required IGETC course in the spring.</p>